Casino (1995): Trusting Ginger


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With over a million in cash and jewels...
tucked in a bank in Vegas, only for Ginger, she was secure and happy.
She loved that shit.
But a guy in my line of work has to have a lot of payoff cash around.
Crooked cops and kidnappers, they don't take checks.
Need any help with that, Mr. Collins?
So I put two million in cash in a Los Angeles bank...
under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Collins.
This was strictly my shakedown and kidnapping money.
And since I'd either be in jail or locked in a closet...
when I needed the money the most...
I gave Ginger the only key to the cash that could get me back alive.
I'll take you there
I'm callin', callin'
Callin' for mercy
I'll take you there
Mercy, mercy
I'll take you there
This is a signature card.
So once she signs those papers, she'll be the only person...
to have total access to the box, no one else, including myself?
That's right. That's the way you wanted it.
Sam, let me ask you a question.
You must really trust your wife.
Yeah, sure I do. Why?
It's good. It's just unusual.
Tell you the truth, so many of my clients don't.
Let me take you there
I'll take you there
Ain't no smilin' faces
I'll take you there

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