Casino (1995): Ginger McKenna


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The clip Ginger McKenna from Casino (1995) with Sharon Stone

Very nice.
I told you I was hot tonight.
Lookin' good. Lookin' good.
Let's go. This is for Ginger. Come on.
Let me have a hundred on your hard ten.
Hundred on your hard ten. Thank you.
Here we go now. Yeeeow!
Oh, I'm sorry.
The dice...
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.
You were great.
Thanks. Take care, Steve. Take chances, drive fast.
This hundred is for you, love. Thanks for your time.
Come on.
What's the matter?
What do you mean? I made a lot of money for you, I want my cut.
What money? I've seen you stealing from me.
What money? Look at the stack of chips.
I want my half.
I've been watching you all night.
I want my money.
Your bag is full of fucking chips.
I didn't steal anything from you.
Get lost!
Get lost? Get lost? Yes! Yes!
Well, how about that?
Come on!
Slippin' and a-slidin' Changin' and a-hidin'
Been told a long time ago
I been told Baby, you've been born
I won't be your fool no more Oww
Baby, oh, baby
My sweet baby
You're the one

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