Casino (1995): Ginger's System


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See you, Ginger.
Okay, thank you for asking.
She was a queen around the casino.
She brought in high rollers...
and helped them spread around a lot of money.
Hey, Ginger. How you doing?
Great, and I have something for you. You got me covered?
And you do. Thank you very much.
Take care of yourself.
I got some lucky pills for you, Andy.
Oh, yeah.
Who didn't want Ginger? She was one of the best known...
best liked and most respected hustlers in town.
Smart hustlers like her could keep a guy awake...
for two or three days before sending him home broke...
to the little woman and his bank examiners.
You only make me glad
Better listen, little girl
You're goin' walkin' down the street
I ain't got no love
Any change?
Oh, I hit a few games on the way back.
But that was all bullshit, she just pocketed the cash.
This heart of stone
How you doin' tonight?
How are you?
Uh, beat.
Ginger had the hustlers code.
Take one for you.
Thank you.
She knew how to take care of people.
And that's what Vegas is all about.
Sixty-eight hundred.
It's kickback city.
Have a good night.
Thank you. You too.
She took care of the dealers...
Hey, Mitch.
pit bosses, floor managers...
but, mostly, she took care of the valet parkers...
the guys who could get you anything and take care of anything.
Ginger took care of the parkers...
because they took care of the security guards...
who took care of the metro cops, who let her operate.
I need that stuff tonight.
No problem.
You are a doll.
The valet parking job was such a money-maker...
they had to pay off the hotel manager just to get the concession.

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