Casino (1995): Nickey in Vegas


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The clip nickey in vegas from Casino (1995) with Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro

I couldn't wait to get my hands on Vegas.
But the bosses didn't send me out there to have a good time.
They sent me out there to make sure that nobody fucked with Ace.
And nobody interfered with the fuckin' skim.
Hey, how you doin'?
Hey, Sammy.
Boy, look at this place, huh?
Welcome to Vegas.
Okay, Sammy.
Something, huh?
Holy shit. What've you been doing out here?
Honey, come here.
This is Jennifer and Nick, they're dear friends of mine.
Hi, Jennifer.
A pleasure.
Okay, Sammy.
After we ate, we left Jennifer and Ginger alone...
and we took a ride to talk.
And then, he hit me with it.
What do you think about me moving out here?
What's the matter? You got a problem with that?
No, of course not.
You mean, I have your permission?
Sure, you have my permission. But I just gotta tell you...
it's no joke out here, it's no joke.
You gotta keep a low profile.
It's not like back home. Right off the bat, they don't like guys like us.
And this sheriff's a real cowboy.
Even the coppers aren't afraid to bury people out in the desert here.
I don't care. I wanna get away from back home for a while.
I'm tired of that shit back there.
Look at this place, it's made of money.
You know what the best part is, nobody's gonna know what we're doing.
There's nobody here to see us. Everybody's back home.
Nick, I gotta tell you. I got pinched twice for no reason.
I really gotta be careful.
I'm running a licensed place, everything's legit.
Don't worry about it. I'm not gonna do anything.
I'm especially not gonna involve you in anything.
Ace saw Vegas one way...
You call this guy and tell him I'm comin'?
Of course.
but I saw it another.
I saw it as untouched.
I mean, they had bookies, pimps...

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