Casino (1995): Ginger McKenna Part 3

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The clip Ginger McKenna Part 3 from Casino (1995) with Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro Uh, beat. Ginger had t...
The clip Ginger McKenna Part 3 from Casino (1995) with Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro Uh, beat. Ginger had the hustlers code. Take one for you. Thank you. She knew how to take care of people. And that's what Vegas is all about. Sixty-eight hundred. Thanks. It's kickback city. Have a good night. Thank you. You too. She took care of the dealers... Hey, Mitch. pit bosses, floor managers... but, mostly, she took care of the valet parkers... the guys who could get you anything and take care of anything. Ginger took care of the parkers... because they took care of the security guards... who took care of the metro cops, who let her operate. I need that stuff tonight. No problem. You are a doll. The valet parking job was such a money-maker... they had to pay off the hotel manager just to get the concession. But one thing I just could never understand... was that she could have everything under control... except for her old pimp boyfriend, Lester Diamond. Gin, you know I got other people in this, they got partners. I want you to understand that I am looking out for you... in this thing, okay? You're gonna get yours back, and you're gonna get back first, okay? All right, yeah. Where you going? Where are you? You're in that place. Where are you? I'm here. No, you're not. Where are you? Where are you? I'm always here for you. You're my woman. I know. The Ginger I knew wouldn't even look at this creep. Good luck. Yeah. He was a moocher, a card cheat... a country club golf hustler, a scumbag. Chasing dentists for a few bucks. Careful. The guy was always broke. He always had a story. And somehow she could never turn him down. The way Ginger saw it, I guess, was that Lester was just an unlucky guy. Somebody had to take care of him.