Casino (1995): Director of Entertainment


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The clip director of entertainment from Casino (1995) with Robert De Niro, Kevin Pollak

Ladies and gentlemen...
the Tangiers Hotel proudly presents the all-new...
Sam Rothstein show, Aces High.
Tonight, taped live from the all-new Sports Book...
we present the premiere showing of Aces High...
with the Sasha Semenoff Orchestra...
and the Sam Rothstein dancers!
Mr. Rothstein is a professional gambler and the best football handicapper in America;
a man who will take you inside the real Las Vegas as no one has ever done before.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the new entertainment director of the Tangiers Hotel Casino...
Mr. Sam Rothstein.
Welcome to the Sam Rothstein Show. We're very happy to have you here this evening.
The young lady to my left is Trudy, who is...
a lead new dancer in our fabulous show from Paris.
Our first guest this evening...
is Frankie Avalon.
Keep an eye on him.
I've got a large family.
How many kids do you have?
I'm very proud to say that we have eight children.
No, no, please. Please.
That's amazing.
There's nothing to it. It was my pleasure.
Ace, don't do it.
Oh, no, no. Oh, no.
Oh, Jesus.
He's juggling!
Let's not take Commissioner Pat Webb too seriously.
I recently challenged him to a debate on this program, and he declined.
What are you worried about, Pat? You don't have to send me any questions.

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