Casino (1995): Blaming Nickey


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The clip blaming nickey from Casino (1995) with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci

A casino boss and his wife were killed. The bulls questioned Nicky.
A dealer from the Sirocco. They questioned Nicky.
A bunch of stool pigeons wound up in the trunks of their cars. They questioned Nicky.
A lawyer.
They questioned Nicky.
When some guys that didn't pay their shylocks began disappearing...
Nicky's name was in every one of those newspapers.
Nicky was questioned in two dozen murders, but they always had to let him go.
There were never any witnesses.
The coppers blamed me for everything that went wrong.
Watch yourself. You're gonna get runned over, there.
If a guy fuckin' tripped over a banana peel, they'd bring me in for it.
Come on, be nice, huh?
And the bosses were no better. They complained because things don't run smooth.
In my line of work, things don't run so smooth. I'm sorry.
I'm dealin' with degenerate animals out here.
But the bosses, what do they give a fuck?
They're sittin' on their asses drinkin' anisette.
I'm the guy in the trenches.
Fuckin' bosses think it's a fuckin' free lunch out here.
Frankie, they found a guy's head in the desert.
You know about that?
Yeah, I heard. Yeah.
Everybody's talkin'. They're makin' a big deal out of it. It's in all the papers.
What are you gonna do?
And I mean, that's no good. You gotta tell him to take care of things a little better.
I'll tell him, Remo.

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