Casino (1995): Robbing from the Bosses

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Published 15 Jun 2012
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The clip Robbing from the bosses from Casino (1995) with Joe Pesci, Pasquale Cajano. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

No matter what the problems were outside the count room...
it was all worth it.
The cash kept rollin' in...
and the suitcases kept comin' and goin'.
And let me tell you, the fuckin' bottom line here is... cash.
The only problem was that after a while...
the bosses noticed that the suitcases were gettin' a little light.
Wait a minute. You mean to tell me...
that the money we're robbing is being robbed?
Somebody's robbing from us?
We go through all this trouble and somebody's robbing us?
Like I said, it's part of the business. It's considered leakage.
Leakage my balls. I want the guy who's robbing us.
Even John Nash... that's the guy who ran the scam...
he knew there wasn't much he could do about it.
You gotta know that a guy who helps you steal...
even if you take care of him real well...
he's gonna steal a little extra for himself.
Makes sense, don't it?
Try and make these hardheaded old greaseballs understand that.
What's the point of skimming if we're being skimmed? It defeats the purpose.
They take this money because they're my guys, so give 'em some leeway.
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