Casino (1995): Argument with Nickey Part 3


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The clip argument with nickey Part 3 from Casino (1995) with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci

I want to run a square joint. I just want my license.
I want everything quiet. That's it!
Quiet like this? "I'm the boss"? That's quiet?
That's taken out of context. I had no control over that.
Ronnie and Billy will tell you exactly what happened.
Back home that looks bad.
Looks bad? Every time you're on television, I get mentioned. That looks bad.
What the fuck happened to you?
What happened to me?
What happened to you? You lost control.
I lost control?
Look at you, you're fuckin' walkin' around like John Barrymore.
A pink robe and a fuckin' cigarette holder? I lost control?
I don't wanna bring this up, but you been treatin' people with disrespect, even your wife.
My wife? What does she have to do with this?
She was upset about a lot of things, especially that whole fuckin' Lester Diamond incident.
You're the shoulder to cry on? Did you her tell about your little role in that situation?
No, that's not the fuckin' point.
The point is, she's upset, and you've got a problem.
I would appreciate it...
if you stay out of my personal life.
You wouldn't like it if I did it to you.
She came to talk to me.
What was I supposed to do? Throw her out?
Stay away from her. It's none of your business.
It's none of my business?
A week ago it was. Now it's none of my business. When you need me, you need me.
The way you need me to vouch for you as a citizen.
I'm gonna have to straighten out what you did with this guy.
This guy is gonna run to the F.B.I. now.
Your head's bigger than your casino.
I knew what he wanted. Nicky wanted to take over.
He wanted to go after Gaggi, the skim, everything and everybody.
Plus, he had stopped asking permission from back home for every little thing.

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