Jaws (1975): Business As Usual


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The clip business as usual from Jaws (1975)

Brody to Gotcha, do you read me?
The guys from the TV station on the mainland are here.
All right, I'll get to them later.
Brody to Scutbucket, please come in.
Brody to Daisy, do you read me?
Fascinating Rhythm, do you read me? Come in, Hooper. What do you see?
Nothing, here, Martin. And nothing on sonar.
Amity Island has long been known for it's clean air, clear water beautiful white sand beaches.
But in recent days a cloud has appeared on the horizon of this beautiful resort community.
A cloud in the shape of a killer shark.
Hi, Larry.
Why aren't you in the water?
I just put some sun tan lotion on. and I'm trying to absorb some--
Nobody's going in.
Please, get in the water.

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