Jaws (1975): Dinner with Hooper Part 2


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The clip dinner with hooper Part 2 from Jaws (1975) with Lorraine Gary, Richard Dreyfuss

How was your day?
I got red and white. I didn't know what you'd be serving.
That's nice.
Is anyone eating this?
My husband tells me you're in sharks.
Excuse me. Yes, I've never heard it quite put that way. But yes, I am.
I love sharks.
You love sharks?
Yeah, I love them.
When I was 12 years old, my father got me a boat, and I went fishing off of Cape Cod.
I hooked a scup and as I was reeling it in I hooked a four and a half foot baby thresher shark who proceeded to eat my boat.
He ate my oar, hooks. and my seat cushions.
He turned an inboard into an outboard. Scared me to death and I swam back to shore.
When I was on the beach I turned around and I saw my boat being taken apart.
Ever since then, I have been studying sharks and that's why I'm gonna go to the lnstitute tomorrow and tell them that you still have a shark problem here.
Why do you have to tell them that?
I'm sorry, I thought that....
You told me the shark was caught.
I heard it on the news. I heard it on the Cape station.
They caught a shark, not the shark.
Not the shark that killed Chrissy Watkins.
And probably not the shark that killed the little boy.
Which I wanted to prove by cutting the shark open....
You may want to let that breathe.... Nothing.

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