Jaws (1975): Vaughn Refuses to Close


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The clip vaughn refuses to close from Jaws (1975) with Richard Dreyfuss, Murray Hamilton

This is a great white. A big one.
Any shark expert in the world will tell you it's a killer. It's a man-eater.
A great white shark has staked a claim in the waters off Amity Island.
He'll continue to feed here as long as there's food in the water.
There's no limit to what he'll do. We've had three incidents.
Two people killed in a week. It'll happen again.
It happened before, the Jersey beach, 1916.
Five people were killed--
In one week.
Tell him about the swimmers.
A shark is attracted to the exact kind of splashing and activity that occurs whenever people swim. You can't avoid it.
If you open the beaches on the Fourth of July it's like ringing the dinner bell. for Christ sakes.
I pulled a tooth, the size of a shot glass. out of a boat out there.
It was the tooth of a great white.
It was Gardner's boat all chewed up. I helped tow it. You should've seen it.
Where is that tooth? Did you see it, Brody?
I didn't see it.
He dropped it on the way in.
I had an accident.
And what did you say the name of this shark is?
It's a carcharodon carcharias. It's a great white.
You don't have the tooth?
We depend on the summer people for our lives--
You are not gonna have a summer unless you deal with this problem.
We have to close the beaches. and hire somebody to kill the shark!
We have to tell the Coast Guard.
You'll have to contact the Shark Research Panel.
You'll have to ring this entire harbor.
I don't think either one of you are familiar with our problems.
I know that you are going to ignore this problem until it swims up and bites you on the ass!
Wait a second. There are two ways to deal with this.
You're either gonna kill this animal, or cut off it's food supply.
We have to close the beaches.
Sick vandalism.
That is a deliberate mutilation of a public service message.
I want those little paint-happy bastards caught...
-...and hung up by their Buster-Browns.
That's it. Goodbye.
I won't waste my time arguing with a man who's lining up to be a hot lunch.
Don't do this.

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