Jaws (1975): Mikey and the Boat


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The clip mikey and the boat from Jaws (1975) with Lorraine Gary, Roy Scheider

Oh, God, you scared me.
People don't even know how old sharks are.
If they live 2.000, 3.000 years they don't know.
Enough. You're not going to be able to go to sleep tonight.
Here. Come on.
Want to get drunk and fool around?
Oh, yeah.
Mikey really loves his present.
Where is he?
Sitting in it.
Good God.
All right, Michael, out of the boat.
Tied up to the jetties, sittin' in the boat.
I'm helpin' Michael.
Get out of that boat.
Hi, Dad.
Just a little longer. Please?
It's his birthday tomorrow.
I don't want him on the ocean!
He's not on the ocean. He is in a boat. He's not gonna go in the water.
I don't think he'll go in the water again, after what happened yesterday.
Now don't say that.
I don't want that to happen, you know that.
I want him to read the boating regulations, the rules before he goes out on his own.
Michael, did you hear your father? Out of the water now!

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