Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008): Awakening Tooth Fairy


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The clip Awakening Tooth Fairy from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with John Alexander, Doug Jones

Look at that. Poor little thing.
Bought and sold on the black market.
Crammed into cargo containers.
Smuggled, abused.
He has very expressive hands.
The seal on the box worries me also.
A warring emblem.
Yes, from the Bethmoora clan.
The Sons of the Earth.
Your file says you're the brains of the operation, and I must admit, I'm impressed.
In my file, you'll see, Mr. Krauss, that I worked very closely with Abe in his training.
Ja, okay.
Let's see what our little friend here can remember.
Memory gets a little sketchy right after you've burned to death.
But maybe Saint Malachy can help.
Oh, no, no. No amulets, Mein Herr.
Plastic. Very modern.
Teleplasty by which an ectoplasmic medium, such as Dr. Krauss, can control inanimate things, organic, mechanical, dead or alive.
Take it, take it all in, mein Junge.
There we are. Get up.
Get up. Get up.
Now I have full control of its limbic system.
Let us see how long I can hold it.
Hey, you chewed off the tip of my tail.
Yeah, you, you little...
It says you're rude, brutish und not very bright.
It seems our little friend here remembers market sounds and voices.
And a peculiar troll language spoken in the last place his cage was opened.
The troll market.
The troll market? Come on.
No one's ever found it.
That's because it doesn't exist.
Mr. Krauss? Dr. Krauss, sir.
Our little informant there doesn't look so good.

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