Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008): Deciding to Save Hellboy


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The clip Deciding to save Hellboy from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with Selma Blair, John Alexander

The Giant's Causeway. Right about here.
Great. So we know where he is.
What are we waiting for?
We should get going.
The Prince will demand the crown piece, Agent Sherman.
So we give it to him.
Dr. Manning?
I'm afraid it's not as simple as that.
Hold on here, what are you saying?
The Golden Army must not awaken.
So, what?
You're just gonna let him die, is that it?
I'm sorry.
We called Washington. We have our orders.
And what about you? He saved your life.
I know.
I know this is difficult for you, but...
Well, I won't let him die.
Agent Sherman, may I remind you that I am the leader of this team.
Oh, there's no doubt about that, sir.
That is what you are, Dr. Krauss.
And if ever you were human, that time is long gone.
What's wrong with her?
You want me to call her back, sir?
Let her go.
I understand.
What about you?
You find anything?
No. Nothing yet.
Well, keep looking.
Absolutely, sir.
All of you.
But don't worry, sir, we know it's here, and we're gonna find it.
When Tom Manning gets on the case, things get done.
They get done. They get done!
100%. I guarantee that.
Even without the piece, we have to get him out of here.
We'll go to Antrim, and we will find the Prince.
Keep looking.
I ask you, everybody, keep looking.
Just the two of us.

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