Mean Streets (1973): Johnny-boy-the-trouble-maker


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The clip johnny-boy-the-trouble-maker from Mean Streets (1973) with Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

- Charlie. - Watch out. Come here. Come here.
Crazy bastard's up on the roof.
- Johnny! It's me, Charlie! - Hey, watch this!
I'll shoot the light out on the Empire State Building.
Hey, cut it out, stupid. It's me.
Bobby, stop fucking around. Come on.
Hey, what do you got up there?
- That ain't real, is it? - Yeah.
What's the matter with him? I'm gonna throw that fucker off the roof.
Oh, shit. Hey, lady, I'm sorry. Lady, I didn't mean it, I swear to God.
I'm very sorry.
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
I scared the shit out of her.
Very funny. Give me that.
I hate that lady. I tried to get her clothesline.
- What's the matter? - What do you mean?
You have Teresa half-crazy about this.
I wasn't shooting at nobody. Just up in the air.
I want to wake up the neighborhood. It's dead.
I hate that woman with a vengeance, a passion.
- You and your numbers. - Fucking chickenshits.
- Back to Bataan. - Heh, back to...
Now they're gonna get a real back to Bataan.
An atom bomb, wake up the neighborhood.
- What the fuck? Put that out. - Put what out?
- Johnny, put that out. - A surprise. You want to see?
- Want to see? - Johnny, put that... Hey!

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