Dip Huet Seung Hung (1989): Chang Dies


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The clip Chang Dies from Dip huet seung hung (1989) with Kenneth Tsang

I've been followed!
Weng's men, and the cops too.
Don't worry, I took care of them.
Weng's hired Paul Yau to waste you.
Don't worry, you can use my guns and ammo.
Where are you going?
To get your money off Weng.
I'll meet you in the church.
Are you going alone?
Yes, of course.
I have to keep my promise.
Weng is not going to hurt me, I still deserve some respect.
Sidney, I don't need the money.
I do need your friendship.
Chang! Chang!
I followed him to, 6 Horizon Drive.
I almost got him.
I know.
I could have... got him...
Don't worry, I'll find him.
Chang, don't worry.
You can't win all the time.
But you can't lose forever either.
Chang... Chang...

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