The Family Man (2000): Thompson's Party Part 2


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The clip thompson's party Part 2 from The Family Man (2000) with Nicolas Cage, Jeremy Piven

Okay. Why?
My triple bypass.
I'm going under the knife tomorrow. I told you that, right?
Triple bypass.
You really think you should be eating all that?
Figure I'm going in for a cleaning tomorrow.
Might as well load up on the fried stuff tonight, right?
That's good thinking, Bill. Have another drink.
Some fried pork, mashed potatoes. He'll be dead by morning.
How 'bout a cigar, Jack?
Oh, no, thank you. I'm cutting down.
Come on. They're American made, not Cuban.
Oh, really?
Come on.
Very nice.
I thought you'd like 'em.
How 'bout you, Arnie?
I'm all right. Thanks.
Finger food?
No, thank you. I'm fine.
Come on. Soon as I put 'em down, you're gonna grab a couple.
You always do.
No, I'm okay.
Let me. They will melt in your mouth.
At the end of this whole thing, she made me this hand-embroidered sweater.
It was really lovely.
How nice.
So I'm slipping it on and I notice that she's misspelled the word "lawyers. "
I spent the entire day walking around...
with a sweater that said, "Nonprofit layers do it for free. "
So you're a lawyer?
A nonprofit lawyer?
You don't get paid at all? Nobody makes a dime?
"Anyhoo... "

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