The Family Man (2000): First Day of Work


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The clip first day of work from The Family Man (2000) with Nicolas Cage

Good Lord!
Morning, Jack.
Good morning, Jack.
Hey, Jack.
Jack, my boy.
Hey, guess who I played bridge with two nights ago.
Hell, you'll never guess.
One Sydney Potter. That's Sydney Potter, C.E.O., Buy Rite Transport.
Only the third biggest trucking outfit in the state.
"Anyhoo," he's looking for a new parts supplier.
We can handle volume like that, now can't we, Jack?
I'm gonna have to get back to you on that, Ed.
Right on.
Excuse me. Uh, do I... do I have a private office somewhere in the building?
Sure, Jack.
Where is it?
Oh, uh, it's...
it's right back... right back there.
Thank you.

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