The Family Man (2000): Old Life Gone


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The clip old life gone from The Family Man (2000) with Nicolas Cage

Tony, thank God!
Sorry, pal. Entrance is for residents and guests only.
What? What are you talking about?
Jack Campbell, penthouse "C." What's the matter with you?
Mrs. Peterson, I think there's something wrong with our man Tony here.
Who is this man?
Oh, come on. What is going on with you two this morning?
Is this like a, uh... a Christmas joke?
"Who is this man?" Well, we're on the co-op board together, Betty.
And we fought side by side for garbage disposals.
And every morning we exchange quasi-sexual witty banter. Ok?
Shall I call the cops? I'm gonna call the cops.
No, I'm gonna call the cops! You're scaring me.
No, no, no, no.
Thank you for not calling the cops.
Now, I'm going upstairs, I'm gonna get some sleep. Then I'll be fine.
Sleep you shall. Noblesse oblige isn't dead. Not yet anyway.
Let's, um... Let's get you some help. Surely there's a shelter somewhere in this city.
A shelter?
Hey, hey, are you smacked out of your head?
I'm the richest man in this building! I've got twice the square footage you have!
And I'm going upstairs.
Take a walk, pal.
Oh, not cool. Not cool!
You wanna get cute? Get cute.
I'm gonna go to my office. I'm gonna file a complaint to the manager of the building.
I'm gonna have you fired, Tony. And, Mrs. Peterson, you're on notice with the co-op board!
So you better just stop whatever this is that you're doing!

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