The Family Man (2000): Kate is Moving Away Part 2


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The clip kate is moving away Part 2 from The Family Man (2000) with Téa Leoni, Nicolas Cage

Hey, kind of under a little pressure here.
Hey, kind of giving up Christmas day for my ex-boss here.
Hey, didn't mind offering to help when she was opening the Prada bag I gave her.
Maybe it's by the wardrobe boxes.
Thank you.
So you're moving.
Yeah, to Paris.
My firm has an office there. I'm gonna be heading it up.
Paris. Paris, France?
That's the one.
So you're... you're not at a nonprofit firm?
God, no, not with what they pay me.
Are you married?
No, I never got married, Jack. You?
Not exactly.
Look, could we take a minute here,
maybe go get a cup of coffee or something?
I'll go for a cup of coffee.
Yes. I found it.
Congratulations. Your earlier flight was canceled,
but I got you out of Kennedy on United at 7:00.
Am I good or what?
Yes, you're brilliant.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Here you go. It's just some old stuff of yours.
Do you ever think about us, Kate?
About what might have happened?
Jack, I'll tell you what.
If you're ever in Paris, look me up and we'll go have that cup of coffee, okay?
Or cafe. Or cafe au lait. Oh, wait. No, no, no, no!
Don't close that up. I will never find this box again.
Well, I marked it. Just be more specific next time.
We'll leave it open then. I was just trying to close it up.

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