The Family Man (2000): Alan Tells off Jack


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The clip alan tells off jack from The Family Man (2000) with Saul Rubinek, Nicolas Cage

This is our war room. We did seven major deals in here last year,
three of them... hostile.
Yeah. You get a kind of a feeling from...
Can we cut the shit here for a minute? Where did you get that information?
Did you go through his wallet? Did you surf some Net?
It doesn't really matter because that circus act you pulled back there...
may have dazzled Lassiter, but it doesn't cut any shit with me.
Even if you get this job, which I highly doubt,
let me just give you a word of warning.
Peter Lassiter gets tired of his pet projects very, very quickly.
I've got that big office because I prove myself to him year after year after year.
Nobody is gonna come in here and turn the old man's head,
especially not some tire salesman from New Jersey.
So if you're cautious and you're quiet,
you watch yourself, stay away from Lassiter,
maybe I'll think about keeping you on here after he gets bored with you.
Do we understand each other?
God, you really are different.
Excuse me?
I mean, wow!
I'm impressed. I'm impressed. Good for you.
Are we understanding each other?
Yes, Alan, I understand you.
Okay then.
Okay. Okay.

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