The Family Man (2000): Interview at Old Job Part 2


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The clip interview at old job Part 2 from The Family Man (2000) with Nicolas Cage, Saul Rubinek

Look, I know our paltry little $2 million in sales...
is about what you spend a year on office supplies.
And some regional trucking company account is nothing compared...
to a multi-billion-dollar merger.
No, no, no.
I'm not trying to knock the tire business.
It's okay, Alan. I get it.
I'm in your shoes, I'm thinking the same thing, but here's the deal.
Business is business. Wall Street, Main Street.
It's all a bunch of people getting up in the morning,
trying to figure out how they're going to send their kids to college.
It's just people, and I know people.
Oh, I'm sure you do.
Take you, for instance, Alan.
You have a certain energy about you, an active kind of energy.
I wouldn't be surprised if you drank about 16 Diet Cokes a day.
You're an excellent father, but you feel guilty about the time you spend away from home.
You drink bourbon, but you offer your clients Scotch.
And your wife decorated this office.
He certainly seems to have your number.
You're a little tougher, Peter.
For one thing, you like expensive things.
That's easy. You've seen my car.
You smoke Hoyo de Monterreys.
You're a Scotch man, single malt,
not because it's trendy but because you've been doing it for 40 years...
and you like to stay with what works.
You have two great loves in your life: your horses...
and this company.
And you're a man who prides himself in finding talent in unusual places.
How would you know that?
Because I'm here.
I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get this job.
I'll start wherever I have to start.
I'll park cars if I have to.
The biggest part of judging character is knowing yourself, and I know this:
I can do this job. I can.
Give me a chance, Peter. I won't let you down.
Alan, why don't you show Jack around?

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