Sullivan's Travels (1941): Sullivan Pitches Film Part 3


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The clip sullivan pitches film Part 3 from Sullivan's Travels (1941)

You're a gentleman to admit it, Sully, but then, you are anyway.
How about making Ants in Your Plants of 1941?
You can have Bob Hope, Mary Martin...
Maybe Bing Crosby.
The Abbott Dancers.
MaybeJack Benny and Rochester.
A big-name band.
Oh, no. I want to make O Brother, Where Art Thou?
But I'll tell you what I'm gonna do first.
I'm going down to wardrobe to get some old clothes,
some old shoes,
and I'm gonna start out with ten cents in my pocket.
I don't know where I'm going, but I'm not coming back...
till I know what trouble is.
Don't worry, you can take me off salary.
Who's talking about taking you off salary?
So long. Thanks for the idea.
Wait! Don't be so impulsive.
How soon will you be back?
I don't know.
Maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year.
Don't worry about me. And thanks, Dracula. You gave me a great idea.
I gave you...
Now look what you've done.
Yeah... What I've done?
With your lies about selling newspapers!
I sold as many newspapers as you supported a family at 13.
I opened a shooting gallery.
With money you borrowed from your uncle.
We better insure him for a million.
He's worth more.
The bonehead.
Yes, but what a genius.
Get me a copy of that O Brother, Where Art Thou?
I guess I'll have to read it now.
Make that two copies. Why should I suffer alone?

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