Sullivan's Travels (1941): Night Time in the Carriage


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The clip night time in the carriage from Sullivan's Travels (1941)

I'll be all right.
It's the desert.
I'll be all right.
As soon as this blasted thing comes to a town someplace,
I'll send for a car and have you taken home.
This is a lot of"hokey-palokey. "
This is a terrible way to travel, with a girl.
It's better with a girl than without one. You would have frozen to death.
If I go back, will you go back with me?
Then I won't go back, either.
You're so simple, you're apt to get into trouble.
Why do you think I'm here?
Gee, I like that about you.
You're like those knights of old,
who used to ride around looking for trouble.
Who was it who rode on a pure white horse?
Lady Godiba.
She must have been a nut. I bet her husband was sore. Are you jealous?
Why don't you shut up and try to get some sleep.
Will you go to sleep too?
I'll try.
Why don't you try counting the hogs jumping over a hedge?
Listen, short britches...

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