Sullivan's Travels (1941): Sullivan Leaves in Van


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The clip sullivan leaves in van from Sullivan's Travels (1941)

That's perfectly wonderful, Mr. Sullivan.
I rejoice in your experience.
And where does this gentleman live?
Just up there by the tracks.
Gib him $100. Never mind who from.
That's swell.
A great human-interest story.
It'll probably ruin him.
He'll give turkey dinners to every slug that comes in...
and never hit the jackpot again.
All right, all right. Buy the kid here a few clothes,
and beet me in Kansas City, someplace near the station.
I'm going the hard way. So long, gang.
Just a minute, please. Sit down!
But listen, Doc!
You listen.
It's three days in bed, minimum.
This is just a cold shot. You won't even feel it.
I haven't time to spend three days in bed.
You'll take the time.
You'll get to Kansas City just as soon, and you can imagine...
that you went there on your cow snatcher, or whatever you used.
What have you got an imagination for?
Here's something for you.
What's that?
It's Christmas. So long.

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