Sullivan's Travels (1941): Breakfast in Vegas


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The clip Breakfast in Vegas from Sullivan's Travels (1941)

What's that?
Nothing. Just me.
I sneezed.
You what?
I sneezed.
Oh, you poor darling.
Have you got hay fever?
I think it's hog fever.
Oh, you poor lamb.
It'll be alright as soon as the sun gets a little warmer.
Are you huggry? You got me doing it.
Have we got any eating money?
Ten cents.
Can we spend it for breakfast, or are you saving it for something?
Look, I've already told you, I'll send for a car for you and...
I can't help it if I'm good-natured.
I like to be with you, and it puts me in a good humor.
You take lots of girls and made them sleep in a hog sty all night,
and then didn't tell them where their breakfast was coming from...
the next morning, they wouldn't take it lying down.
We'll find some breakfast somewhere.
In some swill pail, I suppose.
What do the other bubs do?
They steal chickigs... chickens.
and they roast them over campfires...
with baked potatoes and green corn on the cob...
with melted butter...
Shut up!
Where do they get the butter?
They steal it.
Well, they don't. It isn't as easy as all that.
There's a lot of suffering in this world...
that ordinary people don't know anything about.
Now what's the badder?
I'm hungry.
Hey, there's a town up ahead.
Let's get off and see what happens.
What town is it?
I don't know. I suppose it's Hollywood.
Look, there's a lunch stand.
Come on.

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