Sullivan's Travels (1941): Sullivan Finds Work


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The clip Sullivan finds work from Sullivan's Travels (1941) with Esther Howard, Almira Sessions

Yes, ma'am?
Don't get too tired.
Yes, ma'am.
First day's work. You don't suppose you're overworking him, do you?
Oh, but I doubt it. He seems very strong. Did you notice his torso?
I notice that you noticed it.
Don't be vindictive, dear.
Some people are just naturally more sensitive to some things in life than some people.
Some are blind to beauty, while others...
Even as a little girl, you were more of acid type, dear, while I, if you remember...
I remember better than you do.
Well, forget it.
And furthermore, I have never done anything that I was ashamed of, Ursula.
Neither have I.
Yes, but nobody ever asked you to.
Why, Zeffie Kornhauser!
Now that you've had your attack for the day,
let's endeavor to recapture our good humor and remember our breeding.
Yes. I do hope he likes it here.
It's so hard to keep a man. Do you know what I need?
I need a permanent.
I was thinking of taking in a picture show,
which brings up the problem of clothes for the young man.
It certainly does.
Do you think...
dearJoseph would mind if we gave him...
some of the clothes he has so little need for now?
He's never minded before.

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