Sullivan's Travels (1941): All the Roads Lead to Hollywood Part 3


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The clip All the roads lead to Hollywood Part 3 from Sullivan's Travels (1941)

Want a piece of pie?
No thanks, kid.
Why, Mr. smearkase, aren't you getting a little familiar?
Look, if you wanted to stay in Hollywood a little longer...
I don't want to stay in Hollywood a little longer.
I've used up all my money, all my going-home money.
I was just gonna say, I have a friend that's out of town...
and you might be able to stay at his place for a couple of weeks...
and maybe by then things will break a little better for you.
He might even be able to help you a little.
No, thanks.
There's no strings to this, kid.
I know you don't know who I am, but I used to know a few people around here.
And this guy's really out of town.
And you know a way in through the window. No, thanks.
No. I'm pretty sure that in this case...
I'm going home, big boy.
I can get a ride out of here in a little while.
I don't like to think of you asking a bunch of thugs for lifts along the highway.
Then don't think about it.
You mean you'd just get in any car that comes along?
Anything but a Stanley Steamer. My uncle blew up in one.
That's terrible.
You can't tell what kind of a heel is apt to be behind the wheel.
All heels are pretty much the same.
Yes, Mr. Smearkase?
This friend of mine... the guy I was telling you about that's out of town...
I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I borrowed his car.
What is it, a street car?
It's a car. Just wait here.
You're just going to get yourself in trouble.
I'm not going to get myself in trouble. I'm going to repay you.
That isn't necessary, big boy.
Someday, when your ship comes in,
you can buy somebody that's hungry some ham and eggs and be all square.
That's fine. Just wait here and I'll be back before you can say...
What was that big director's name?

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