ALI - G in Da House (2002): Calling for Help on Radio


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The clip calling for help on radio from ALI - G in Da House (2002) with Sacha Baron Cohen

Open up! Yo, blood, I need your help.
Everyone's calling me Julie a slag.
They heard about our three-header?
What three-header? An yways, I can prove she ain't.
Bredrin, we gotta restart Drive-By FM. What ya say?
Drive-By FM is back!
Let's go.
Is you any good at knots?
Yo, hear me now, hear me now, rewind.
This is Drive-By FM, the sound of the ghetto,
from deep in the heart of Berkshire.
Phut-phut-phut-phut, phut-phut-phut-phut!
What was that?
Oh, you was doing the wings. That's good.
Hear me now, gangstas. There is some serious shit going down.
The Prime Minister, check it,
has been chucked out by a geezer who is a massive dong.
He is even more eviller than Skeletor.
To get the PM back in, me needs to get hold of this tape
of me knobbing me bitch.
If you help me rescue this video, we can save the country.
Plus you will see Julie's babylons.
That is why I is calling all of you to end the Berkshire turf wars.
There has been enough brothers slain.
So put down your AKs, lay down your Uzis,
and unite
into one massive...
'So big up the Eton Wick Crew. '
'Hold tight. '
'Hold tight the Iver Heath Posse. '

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