ALI - G in Da House (2002): Visiting Julie at Work


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The clip visiting julie at work from ALI - G in Da House (2002)

Is me Julie about?
She's upstairs.
Hello, baby, I's been missing you so much today.
You is looking so fine. All I want to do is pull your panties down...
Hello, me Julie.
Stop feeling up Nina.
I got confused.
You're never confused with Tracey.
Hello, Ali.
You know you is me only bitch.
Ho. Lady?
When me close me eyes, you is the only girl me think about.
Gal flex, time to have sex
Jump in my Lex, steam a blunt, pop a vex
Now you know that my style is rated XX...
Ali, open your eyes.
Sorry, there was something in them.
Because there's these fleas going around,
two of them, coming in again and they're in me eyes!
Open up dem legs a-wider...
You've been a very bad boy and you need to be punished.
Are you a bad boy?
Yes, I am.
My skin is so dry.
So for being a bad boy, I want you to rub oil into me,
paying special attention to my breasts and my batty crease.
OK, I will do that.
But first, I want you to take your hat off, you naughty boy.
But me never take me hat off.
You take that off and I'll take these off.
Now I'm going to milk you.
'Ali. '
Give me one more sec.
Behave, Alistair.
They is closing down the centre.
I is gonna go on hunger strike until they save it... or until I die.
So just in case I do join Tupac and Biggie in that ghetto in the sky,
I's come here to bone you one last time.
Mr Johnson might have something to say about that.

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