Two for the Money (2005): Join Walter and His Family for Dinner


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The clip join Walter and his family for dinner from Two for the Money (2005)

Hello, everybody, and welcome to "Football Tonight. "
...ten-yard line, he passes and that's a blind throw...
He's in the end zone!
Good ball game. 10-7. Oakland upsets New York.
OK. No that sounds good. Actually you know what? Monday...
Go Daddy go! Can't you go any faster?
Hey! Ten and two pro football?
85% weekend. You're a mutant!
I definitely want to be there with him. Put it on a plate.
Oh my God. Thank you. You saved my life. That is beautiful.
What... What's going on?
Walter's doctor
this is good news - finally put him on an exercise program.
I want to be there the first time
to make sure the trainer understands his aversion to consistency. Excuse me.
Aversion to consistency?
That's Walter. He's always been that way.
Well that's consistent.
Well that's true.
You are cute. Take a bite. Tell me what you think.
Life is fucking good.
So... let's talk about making it better.
Uh-oh. Duck Brandon. Here it comes.
I'm thinking of putting John Anthony on TV this week.
If you do this from here on out
you're gonna have to eat sleep
drink breathe
talk walk and fart John Anthony.
That's the way it is. There's no holding back.
You gotta be it completely or it doesn't work.
That's right and just think it over. Don't decide now.
It's the only move. If it means I've gotta act that's cool.
No. No acting. This is living.

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