Two for the Money (2005): Arrive Home to Sleeping Family


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The clip arrive home to sleeping family from Two for the Money (2005)

I'm not here. Go back to sleep.
Walter it's four in the morning honey.
What a show.
Come to bed.
Man you should have seen him.
I just sat there and watched him roll.
I swear he made me want to pick up a phone and call.
I took the sales boys down the Smith and Wo's to get them primed for the weekend
and Chuck got so drunk he took a swing at one of the deer heads on the wall.
I don't know what we're gonna do. I'll hire more guys on Monday.
I got to. I gotta get more phones.
Everything's amping up.
This guy I'm telling you
I'm gonna do this whole dot-com thing around him you know?
I swear if I had me when I was his age...
you know I never had a mentor.
Now I got a prot�g�. You know?
Someone you hand it all down to.
If anything happens to me he steps in.
He steps in.
Just knowing that with this thing you know.
It's like having a son.
Walter come here.
It's beautiful. It's beautiful beautiful.
You gotta go back to sleep.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna go... I'm gonna go for a run.
No. Walter...
See the sunrise.
Come here. Just for a second.
Come here. You're exhausted.
No I'm not. I wanna go do the bridge thing you know up-up-up Fifth?
Walter I haven't seen you all day. Just come to bed for one minute.
Just for a minute 'cause you know I've got the trainer tomorrow.

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