Two for the Money (2005): Making a Scene at a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting Part 2


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The clip making a scene at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting Part 2 from Two for the Money (2005) with Al Pacino

not bringing them in and everybody knows what I'm talking about.
Hell even when we win it's just a matter of time before we give it all back.
But when we lose now there's another story when we lose.
I'm talking about the kind of loss
that makes your asshole pucker up to the size of a decimal point.
You know what I mean? You've just recreated the worst possible nightmare
this side of malignant cancer for the 20th goddamn time
and you're standing there and you suddenly realize:
"Hey I'm still here.
"I'm still breathing.
"I'm still alive. "
Us lemons we fuck shit up all the time on purpose
because we constantly need to remind ourselves we're alive.
Leon gambling's not your problem.
It's this fucked-up need
to feel something
to convince yourself you exist.
That's the problem.
Hey you're the guy I see on TV every weekend selling betting picks.
So what?
Oh yeah he's right. This guy...
This guy peddles a tout service on TV.
You read the charter buddy? We all left our jobs at the door.
Are you gonna throw an ex-alcoholic bartender out of an AA meeting?
You're gonna do that? That's bogus.
Hey didn't you come in with this jerk?
Come on.
I don't like the feeling I'm getting.
If you rethink things here's my card.
We're topping 80% this season. Put it in your wallet.
You never know when you'll relapse.
Get out!

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