Two for the Money (2005): Record Advertisement Live

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The clip Record advertisement live from Two for the Money (2005) I'll do that. ... three two... Welcome to...
The clip Record advertisement live from Two for the Money (2005) I'll do that. ... three two... Welcome to this week's Sports Advisors, America's premier sports-information program with myself Walter Abrams Jerry Sykes Chuck Adler and a truly gifted newcomer to the Sports Advisorpanel. I want you to meet him a substantial find and his name is John Anthony. OK we're entering week six in professional football. This is when the cream rises to the top. This is when things get hot. This is oven-mitt time. Am I right? This is big-time ball season. So let's get right into it with the wizard of odds Jerry "The Source" Sykes. Jerry. Stats records rankings weather if the goalpost is tilted just a little bit... The SYKES system uses 42 proven indexes to eliminate the guesswork in sports wagering. Without my patented computer-based picks you got a better shot of having God show up at your door with nine strippers a bag of pure Bolivian cocaine enough Viagra to make Chuck's head blow off than picking these things on your own. You call me absolutely free. I got five picks this weekend that are incredible. 1-800-238-6648. Give me a call. How many gamblers did I bail out last weekend with my game of the year? A 100-dollar bettor made $10000. A 500-dollar bettor made $50000. Well I got six games on Sunday that I'm releasing absolutely free. These games are a burial a blowout a human lock. You can bet your children's unborn children's children on these six games absolutely free! Whoa whoa I believe I believe! I believe you're trying to make me deaf. I've never seen a color on a man like that. Would you say that's chartreuse? So Saturday comes before Sunday and looking at Saturday's college match-ups is the last but certainly not least member of the sports advisors.