Two for the Money (2005): Recive Injury During Football Game


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The clip recive injury during football game from Two for the Money (2005)

Seven seconds left on the clock.
Settle it down. Pro-right tiger. This is your game.
Now let's go. Let's go get 'em. Now let's go! Let's go!
Sun Devils' ball. First down and ten yards to go.
Here we go men last play. It's fun time!
Pro-right tiger. Wide check. 532 double fly on two Scottie. Guaranteed TD.
We gotta worry about one thing men.
After we win this game they'll be putting cameras in your faces.
Don't give them "Hi Mom"s and shit. It's overused.
You gotta thank somebody thank me.
I'll see you in the end zone men. Ready?
I was a quarterback since peewee football -
set high-school records, won state championships. This was pertect.
Coming at you 57.
Bowl game, national TV, there were pro scouts in the stands,
and I knew exactly what was gonna happen next.
Lang has led the Sun Devils to four comebacks this season.
Can he do it? Win their first bowl game in 12 years?
Lang barks the signals. The Aztecs have eight in the box. They're showing blitz.
Lang takes the snap, fades back into the pocket.
He looks for Ravis on the right. Sherman breaks through.
Lang's in trouble. He shakes Sherman off, nearly goes down.
He's looking to throw. Two seconds to go. There he goes. He's going to run it.
He's got to get in the end zone. And that safety is stepping up.
Can he make it?
My first thought was I could tape it and play next week. Then I puked.

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