Two for the Money (2005): Argue with Toni About Cheating with Brandon Part 2


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The clip argue with Toni about cheating with Brandon Part 2 from Two for the Money (2005)

He told me he was sure you were watching somehow.
So he asked me in to spend the night and put on a little show for you Walter.
But I didn't believe him Walter. Oh God I didn't believe him.
I mean after all we've been through. So I figured you know "What the hell?"
He slipped out the back no big deal.
He never even stayed here.
And you.
You were in such a good mood the next day.
I figured "Thank God because he must've been wrong. "
"Otherwise why wouldn't he confront us confront me?"
Oh Walter.
So it all boils down to this. Can New York find the end zone?
This is what players dream of.
The chance to win it on the final snap.
You wanted to lose! Like I was something you could just toss on the table!
Only we booked your bet Walter Brandon and me
who evidently love you more than you love yourself.
Spreads the defense. Drops back to throw.
Here comes the pressure. He bounces to the right side.
Your fantasy is to end up alone with nothing!
I won't let that happen. Understand?
I will never let that happen to you. This is it.
He's on the run, picks up a big block downfield.
This is real Walter. You and me and Julia we're all that's real.
One man to beat.
This is it Walter.
He goes airborne from the five.
Does he get in?
He's in! He's in!
Touchdown, New York!

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