Two for the Money (2005): Refuse to Let Brandon Leave


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The clip refuse to let Brandon leave from Two for the Money (2005)

That wraps up our doubleheader playoff coverage,
as Kansas City tops Tennessee 33 to 13
and heads for Super Forty.
I'm finished Walter.
Oh that's great to hear.
I'm done man.
I don't eat.
I'm not sleeping.
What you saying? You got insomnia indigestion you're gonna quit?
Hail Mary pass. These things happen.
Listen to me man. I'm telling you. It's over.
What use is John Anthony gonna be to you now anyway huh?
With the streak he's been on?
Come on. I won't listen to this defeatist bullshit.
Hot streaks go cold. Cold streaks go hot.
They know you went 80% for half a season. They know.
They're gonna remember as soon as you win a game.
Then we go into March Madness baseball.
Next year this won't even be a memory.
Who said anything about next year Walter?
You made a career choice buddy and I bankrolled it.
Let him go.
Let him go?
Of course you stick up for him. Of course.
Oh Walter.
Meaning what?
I don't know. Meaning what?
Meaning whose side are you on?
I didn't realize I had to choose Walter.
You're a champion. A champion goes down 86 times he's up on the 87th.
I'm not gonna let you stay down. No way.
Because this is not about you. Or you.
Or me. It's about your gift.
Your gift transcends all this shit.
Your gift is cosmic. It's metaphysic.

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