Hard Target (1993): Fouchon Does Business Part 2


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The clip Fouchon does business Part 2 from Hard Target (1993) with Lance Henriksen

and provide you with an out-of-town, airtight alibi.
Don't worry, Mr. Zenan, all you have to do is point and shoot.
Mr. Zenan has made his selection.
A black man named Roper. Used to be in Special Forces.
l don't see any problem with your choice.
lt has always been the privilege of the few...
to hunt the many.
Soldiers, policemen, fighter pilots.
Men who kill for the government do so with impunity.
All we do is offer the same opportunity...
for private citizens such as yourself.
These opponents, they're volunteers ?
More or less.
The same government that has made murder their sole preserve,
they train our targets.
We pride ourselves on only hunting combat veterans,
men who have the necessary skills...
to make our hunts more interesting.
What about the police ?
l'm sure that they would be interested if they were to find out.
Dr. Morton here assists us...
with the formality of police autopsies.
lt's no accident that we're in New Orleans.
Last year we conducted hunts in Rio de Janeiro at Carnival,
Yugoslavia during the late unpleasantness.
Oh, yeah.
You see, there's always some unhappy little corner of the planet...
where we can ply our trade.
All right, Mr. Fouchon.
You have a client.
thank you for visiting, Mr. Zenan.
Dr. Morton will show you to the car.
My bank will arrange the transfer of funds within the hour.
When do we go out ?
We'll contact you when the necessary arrangements have been made.

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