Hard Target (1993): Job Offer


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The clip Job offer from Hard Target (1993)

All right, pipe down and listen up.
We got 12 positions this morning, Able Seaman or better.
When l call your name, come into the office, show your papers,
and you'll get your ship.
Here we go. First man, Gombas, Luigi. Able Seaman.
Right here.
Walker, Steven. Second Engineer.
Leslie, Francis R.
They told me at the cafe that you might be down here.
Seeler, D. Master.
l need to talk to you about something.
l don't think this is a good time now.
Walters, Nichols D.
Able Seaman.
How'd you, um, like to work for me ?
l'll pay you $100 a day.
Third Mate. Stevens, Frank G.
For doing what ?
For $100, does it really matter ?
Actually, it does.
Yeah. lt does.
Look, l really need you to help me find someone.
Jales, Bill. Cook.
You know this city, you obviously can take care of yourself.
Boudreaux, C. Able Seaman.
l would like to help you, darling.
Looks like l'm gonna be out of town.
Bakelman, Fats.
Way out of town.
Able Seaman.
Chance. Thought you got blackballed...

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