Hard Target (1993): Boudreaux's Background


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The clip Boudreaux's background from Hard Target (1993)

You did your best.
No, l-- l came too late.
l mean, Jesus, he was living out of a shopping cart.
Goddamn it.
Why didn't he just... tell me ?
Why didn't he ask for my help ?
l've been there myself on the street.
lt's hard.
lt's hard to...
put your hand out.
l just kept thinking if l could...
just tell him that l loved him.
And because he loved you so much,
he didn't want to pull you into it.
Our friend, Mr. Boudreaux.
Silver Star.
Marine Force Recon.
He joined the Merchant Service after he got out.
His captain was smuggling opium.
When Boudreaux found out, he threw the man overboard.
He's been looking for work ever since.
He's obviously not someone we should underestimate.
He was raised in the bayous by his uncle.
l think Mr. Boudreaux...
would make a very interesting quarry.
Maybe l should, uh, pay him a visit.
No, no, no, no, no.
Send a couple of lads down there to have a chat with him.

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