Hard Target (1993): Fouchon Threatens Randal


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The clip Fouchon threatens Randal from Hard Target (1993) with Arnold Vosloo, Lance Henriksen

Wakey, wakey, you fat fuck !
Oh, God !
Mr. Fouchon, what are you doing here ?
Aah ! Oww !
Don't talk, Randal. Listen.
Oh, don't worry about Randal.
Aah !
He's all ears.
When Mr. Van Cleaf came upon your visitors yesterday,
you neglected to tell him that they were inquiring...
about one of our volunteers.
That was nothin', Mr. Fouchon.
Oh, it was something, Randal.
This man we hunted last night.
Why don't you tell us his real name ?
You fuck.
Binder. Binder. Douglas Binder.
That's not the one we selected, is it ?
l-l couldn't get the guy you asked for.
Look, y-you said you wanted a combat veteran, so l sent you Binder.
He has more medals.
He had a family. Now they're asking questions.
Please. Please. l said l was sorry. l sai--
Aah ! l said l was sorry.
Careless is what you are, Randal.
Careless and stupid...
and now you're sorry, too.
He said he-- He said he was alone.
l didn't know he had any relatives. Honest.
You made a mistake ?
ls that what you're saying ?

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