Mercury Rising (1998): Arguing with Tom


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The clip arguing with tom from Mercury Rising (1998)

Here you go, Art.
It's still damp, but at least it's clean.
Thanks, Dana.
You're welcome.
Simon, I think these will fit you.
Not my Frank Thomas shirt!
Remember what I told you about sharing?
I thought you were done taking those downers.
Yeah. So?
There's no body on the El tracks.
No body. No blood. No casing. Nothing.
Who could've got it cleaned up that fast?
Give him up.
The kid. Give him up. Take him back.
Would you give your own kid up?
It's not your kid!
Yeah? Well, right now, he's nobody's kid.
His mom and dad got shot dead by a real bad guy. Remember?
Let's go, Simon.
Let me get these clothes on him.
I need your car keys.
Let me just walk around the streets with this kid now? Come on.
I'm reporting it stolen in the mornin'.

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