Mercury Rising (1998): at Stacy's House Part 2


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The clip at stacy's house Part 2 from Mercury Rising (1998)

Simon needs to get a little sleep.
He's been up for a long time, and you seemed like a nice person.
Come on, Simon. I'll show you where your bed is.
Come on.
Are you thirsty?
He gets the guest room. You get the couch.
There's food in there.
The bathroom. You can wash up after yourself.
Let's take this off.
That's good. Now lie down.
Let's take these off, all right?
One. Two.
That's good.
You okay?
Good night, Simon.
I have to be up in a few hours.
I have to fly to Des Moines in the morning.
If I don't make a sale there tomorrow, then I don't pay my rent.
So, unless there's anything else you need, I'd like to get some sleep now.
No, there's nothing else. Thank you.
I promise you we'll be out of here first thing in the morning.

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