Mercury Rising (1998): Art Meets Dean


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The clip art meets dean from Mercury Rising (1998)

Just keep walking. Keep walking.
Just keep walking.
I wasn't sure you'd be here.
Simon's read the code twice. That's really incredible. Also very dangerous.
Who do you work for? The C.I.A.?
The Defense Department?
I'm afraid you're not that lucky.
I think the F.B.I. likes to call us "No Such Agency. "
Why does the N.S.A. want a 9-year-old autistic boy?
The brain is still a mystery.
The Reagan administration mandated the National Security Agency...
to generate a new code to protect American informants working for foreign governments.
We developed a super code at huge expense.
Named it Mercury. We thought it was impenetrable.
You're telling me a kid cracked a government super code?
It doesn't matter. He can read it.
He might even be able to recreate it. That's why his life is in danger.
N.S.A. is willing to have this boy killed to protect a code?
We may have already tried.
I think my division chief may have given orders-
I'm a cryptographer, a nerd. I don't know what these people do.
Maybe it's routine killing kids, or maybe my boss is an aberration.
Call an ambulance! Get an ambulance!
Move it! Move it!
Get out of the way! Move it!
Excuse me. Watch out! Watch out!
Get out of the way!
Watch out! Watch out!
Move it! Goddamn it, move!
Move it! Get out of the way!
Look out! Look out! Move! Get out of the way!
Get down! Get down!

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