Mercury Rising (1998): Hostage Situation


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The clip hostage situation from Mercury Rising (1998) with John Doman

Let's go down.
You got some out. How many left?
Three out, eight left.
Edgar's still the man?
Edgar's the man.
Edgar, I want to thank you for letting these people go.
Send out the others, and we can come to a peaceful resolution.
Get this straight. I don't trust you or any agent of your occupation government.
Listen to me one more time.
I have an order from the Citizens' Court of South Dakota...
to seize the ill-gotten assets of this bank.
Move your people away from here or these bloodsuckers will burn in hell!
They're gettin' ready to come in.
Let them come.
I have to go home.
Get down!
Please, let me go home. Please, let me go home.
Get the fuck down!
I just need to go home.
When he says "get down," just do it!
I sure don't feel good.
You said we were gonna be in and out of here before anybody knew what hit 'em.
You said they were gonna back down.
They ain't backin' down, Edgar.
They got an army out there.
They're gonna come in here and shoot all of us.
God just wants His miracle to be greater.
God doesn't want your boys to get killed, Edgar!

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