Mercury Rising (1998): Re-assigning Jeffries


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The clip re-assigning jeffries from Mercury Rising (1998)

I better not beat you. I only accept cash.
How are you?
Well, another day at the office.
You ready?
All right, let's talk about it.
Agent Jeffries here to see you, Chief.
The psychologist wrote "delusional paranoia"...
in capital letters across the bottom of your file.
So, am I fired?
No, you're not fired.
But I can't put you undercover anymore. That's over.
What do they expect me to do?
To do your job.
I work undercover. That's my job.
You have a new job now.
And what is that?
Sitting on a wire, stakeouts, log tapes.
A little public relations.
Fourteen years on the job, and that's all it means?
I've gotta sit on a wire with some rookie listening to a housewife order groceries?
All you had to do was keep your mouth shut.
All I did was tell the truth.
Act like you belong on the same team as the rest of us.
What team?
That bunch of suits sitting behind a desk trying to justify their existence?
Like me. Is that what you're saying?
I don't know, Joe.
Why didn't you say one thing to back me up?
Because you were wrong!
I wasn't wrong!
You were dead wrong.
Two teenage kids in cold blood, and you know it.
They were goddamn bank robbers, for Christ's sake!
They were kids.
Will you forget about South Dakota?
Forget who's right and who's wrong. This is one of the best undercover guys.

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