Mercury Rising (1998): Kudrow with the FBI


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The clip kudrow with the FBI from Mercury Rising (1998)

Agent Jordan.
Lieutenant Colonel Kudrow of the N.S.A.
What am I looking at here, Tommy?
You forged documents to obtain witness protection under false pretenses.
Don't listen to anything this guy tells you. This guy is dangerous.
Tommy, sit down, and don't speak.
Agent Jordan...
regardless of what you think of me...
I only want to resolve this situation to rescue a young boy...
from a delusional kidnapper.
We will proceed with the pickup as planned.
As of this moment, the F.B.I. will stand down...
and the N.S.A. will take over from here.
Chief, take a look at this.
I'm not taking a look.
You have to look at this! Leo Pedranski worked for Kudrow. He wrote that letter.
He was also killed after he wrote it.
I ran it through the lab. And the fingerprints on it are an exact match for his.

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