You've Got Mail (1998): at the Gym


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The clip at the gym from You've Got Mail (1998) with Tom Hanks, Dave Chappelle The Shop Around The Corner, the West Side children's bookstore...
...on the verge of having to close its doors...
...because the big bad wolf, Fox Books, has opened nearby...
...wooing customers with its sharp discounts and designer coffee.
They have to have discounts and lattes...
...because their workers have never read a book.
She's not as nice as she seems on TV.
You met her?
Boy, she's a pill!
Probably ain't as fine as she look on TV.
No, no. She's beautiful.
...she's a pill.
You don't feel bad...
...about sending her ass back to the projects with food stamps?
Broke, single, white lady.
It's not personal.
It's business.
Here's a good-looking guy.
I sell cheap books. So sue me.
That, in a nutshell, is the Fox Books philosophy.
That's what you said?
Discount them and sell them.
That's not all I said!
I can't believe those bastards. I said we were great!
I said you could read for hours and no one will bother you.
I said we had 150,000 titles.
I said we were a goddamn piazza.
A place where people could mingle.
I was eloquent!
It's inevitable. People want to turn her into Joan of Arc.
And you into Attila the Hun.
Not me personally, but the company, yeah.
I have met Joe Fox.
I've heard him compare his store to a Price Club...
...and the books in it to cans of olive oil.

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