You've Got Mail (1998): Kathleen Writes to Joe


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The clip kathleen writes to joe from You've Got Mail (1998)

How long did you sit there alone?
Not long. Joe Fox came in.
I don't want to talk about it. Let's get to work.
There's got to be something to do.
Look at this.
He looks kind of cute.
He was unavoidably detained.
He stood you up?
I've been thinking about you.
Last night I went to meet you, and you weren't there.
I wish I knew why. I felt so foolish.
As I waited, someone else showed up.
A man who has made my professional life a misery.
And an amazing thing happened.
I was able, for the first time... say the exact thing I wanted to say... the exact moment I wanted to say it.
And of course, afterwards I felt terrible...
...just as you said I would.
I was cruel, and I'm never cruel.
Though I hardly believe what I said mattered to this man.
To him, I am just a bug to be crushed.
But what if it did?
No matter what he's done to me, there is no excuse for my behavior.
...I so wanted to talk to you.

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